Tinachuksblog is aimed at providing useful and valuable information about school admission, scholarships, study abroad and more to students at all levels of education- Undergraduate, Masters, Doctoral and Post-doctoral levels.

Information We Offer

Tinachuksblog focuses on providing information about admission status and screening exercise of institutions in Nigeria (Post-UTME) and abroad, scholarship awards available to students studying in Nigeria and abroad, scholarships available to students that intend to study abroad.

Inspirational Aspect of Us

When it comes to. Student career planing, useful information and pieces of advice will be provided from time to time to students and prospective students on how to prosper in their studies, how to make the best out of their education, get awards and grants for research and internship.

Our Mission

This information will be sourced from successful people and education professionals. So, if you are seeking admission into a
tertiary institution in and out of Nigeria, scholarships to study in and out of Nigeria or you are already a student of a school but
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